To provide the best service possible, we work with only one person at a time, so please give us a head’s up before you stop by.

For more information or to schedule a meeting, feel free to give us a call at 503-512-5456 or send us an email using the contact form below.

We can be found at adaptive cycling clinics and rides throughout the Northwest year round as well as in Portland, Oregon for consultations, fittings, repairs and test rides.  For local visits, we operate on an appointment-only basis.  This ensures that our time is devoted solely to you for as long as it takes.  We’ll never have to interrupt your visit to sell an inner tube or answer a phone call.

If you are a doctor, therapist, or member of an organization that supports adaptive recreation and would like us to bring our entire fleet of adaptive cycles to you for a demo clinic or private ride, we’d be happy to make the trip.


423 SE Ivon Street
Portland, OR 97202

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