Cycling Products

Cycling Products

Different Spokes offers a wide range of off-the-shelf cycling products as well as customized accessories for your specific needs. We have selected these products because of their high quality and their ability to be configured for any need.

We will work with you one on one to help custom design one of our cycles to fit your specific needs. Being a cyclist is a lot more than just riding a bike, it’s a lifestyle. To help you become a cyclist, we will need to know about your current lifestyle in order to properly assess how a cycle can fit in. A few questions that we always ask are: Where will you store it? Are you going to ride from your house or drive to a location to ride? Is this for fitness, competition or grocery getting? What do you see yourself doing with a cycle in 6 months? How about  6 years from now? If we take the time at the beginning, there’s a much stronger chance that you will find a cycle that will be there for the long haul instead of a temporary solution.

Ti Trikes

Ti Trikes are titanium trikes, hand cycles and cargo trikes. They are popular because they are very durable and reliable.

Hase Bikes

Hase builds highly adaptable cycles from tandem to trike to handcycle. Hase’s can fit the smallest children up to adults over 6’5″. These lightweight, maneuverable cycles can be modified for nearly any ability and can even include electric assist from the factory.

ICE Trikes

ICE has been one of the pre-eminent tadpole (two wheels in front) manufacturers for over a decade. These folding trikes are just as capable being ridden your local bike trails as they are touring the world.

Berkel Bike

If you would like to use both your hands and feet, then the Berkel Bike is the right choice. This unique design uses all of your limbs to the best of their abilities and can even attach to a wheelchair.


Tri-Rad trikes are an affordable traditional delta trike with almost no learning curve. If you’ve never ridden a cycle before, you’ll be able to get the hang of riding this trike in no time.

Race Runner

With the Race Runner, a rider who may not be able to stand or walk unaided can experience the joy of running on the track, walking with your family and even exploring your local park trails.

Schlumpf Drive

Schlumpf cranksets are a simple shifting system that is cable and trouble-free. If you can wiggle your heel or hit a button with your hand, the Schlumpf will allow you to ride further and faster than you otherwise would using traditional components.

Rohloff Hubs

Rohloff combines an entire cycle drive train in to one bulletproof rear wheel.  This system has very few external moving parts to get damaged and can shift on the fly. You’ll never get stopped in a difficult gear again.


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