Accessible Camping on the Washington Coast

Cape Disappointment and the Discovery Trail

cape disappointment state park

When was the last time you went camping? Unfortunately I don’t get the chance to get out as much as I’d like. For many riders, it’s not just finding time to go but also finding a location that has accessible camping. Last weekend we took a road trip to the Long Beach Peninsula for some camping at Cape Disappointment State Park and I was struck by the beauty of that area and that the park was quite accessible. It’s a short, 2.5 hour drive from town, yet it feels like a whole different world.

Portland to Cape Disappointment discovery trail

I was pleasantly surprised to see how accessible the campground was. They have a handful of camp sites with large, flat concrete slabs. The fire pits were set into the slabs instead of the dirt with ample room around them for wheelchairs so don’t forget your s’more fixin’s and a bottle of local beer (if that’s your thing). I’d recommend anything from North Jetty Brewing in Sea View. The ADA sites were also a very short distance to bathrooms with ADA shower and toilet facilities. 50 cents buys you a 3 minute hot shower and the rooms were larger than some hotel rooms I’ve stayed in.

accessible camping at Cape Disappointment State Parkaccessible camping at Cape Disappointment State Park accessible camping at Cape Disappointment State Park

Don’t forget to bring a trike or hand cycle! Accessible camping is only part of the fun. Once you get there, it’s time to go exploring. There are miles of flat roads in the park and if you are feeling adventurous, you can hit the Discovery Trail and ride 8.3 miles up the coast to Long Beach, WA. This trail is gorgeous, well maintained and not heavily trafficked. Like all Rails to Trails routes, it’s quite flat as well. As you get to Long Beach, there are some rolling hills but they are all short and not too steep. The towns of Long Beach and Sea View are very quaint and felt a lot more laid back than the Northern Oregon coast. Have fun and enjoy this beautiful part of the world from your favorite set of wheels!

Discovery Trail Discovery Trail Discovery Trail


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