New Terracycle Idler Kit for Ti Trikes

The Ti Trike T150 is a great riding, very comfortable trike but we’ve found that after 500 miles or so, the idlers start to wear out. Luckily for us (and you), we are just a few miles from Terracycle, the best recumbent idler manufacturer in the country. No idler lasts for ever, but we want to make sure that when it comes time for a new one, you’ll get one that lasts for thousands of miles. We spent a few hours over at TerraCycle the other day putting together just such a kit.

We started off by removing all of the old idlers and idler mounts. The front idler gets replaced with the new TerraCycle 23 tooth elite idler. It’s machined from aircraft grade, 7075 aluminum in Southeast Portland in small batches and runs on smoooooth sealed cartridge bearings. The rest of the chain is kept in line with their slippery and quiet floating chain tubes. This results in a lightweight yet tough system that should give you thousands of miles of trouble free riding.┬áIf you’ve got the stock setup and it’s getting pretty worn out, give us a call and we’ll be happy to sell you a new kit.

Ti Trikes Terracycle floating chain tubeTi Trikes Terracycle IdlerTi Trikes Terracycle idler

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