Ti Trikes

Ti Trikes

These made-in-USA titanium recumbent trikes can be ordered¬†from the factory as traditional tadpole trikes, ¬†hand cycles, tandems and cargo haulers. Ti Trikes’ slogan is “Adaptive By Design” and they really mean it. Their seat is one of the most comfortable and adjustable in the business, their handlebars put the controls in a very accessible position and their heavy duty frame allows nearly any size rider to comfortably ride.

The Ti Trikes hand cycle is completely different from what most people are used to seeing. Their use of rear wheel drive in stead of front wheel drive allows many riders to mount and dismount with little to no assistance. The two features that really set this trike apart are it’s folding handlebars and crankset. With a few quick motions, you can have open access to the seat. All you need to do is roll your wheelchair next to the front wheel, set up a transfer board if needed, and slide into your trike.

All Ti Trikes models can be configured with electric assist as well as many other custom options.

Ti Trikes recumbent trikes


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